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Eric Thomson

Born in Bryn Mawr PA in 1960, Eric comes from a family of artists, the most famous being his Great Grand Father, Manuel Valencia - Manuel was one of the early recognized California Artists.  Eric attended Culinary school in the early 80's, received a Bachelor Degree in Hotel Administration from UNLV in 1994 and had a 35 year career as both a chef and manager. He finished his career with Guckenheimer as an Area Manager in 2009, taking up photography seriously shortly afterwards.

Eric has worked hard to develop his skills technically and shot his first professional photos mostly with a Canon 5D Mark III & D800e. Last year he switched to the Sony A7r. All of his editing is done in Lightroom with the goal being to bring out the scene in a natural way, highlighting the light with the moment in mind.  A few abstracts exist in his collection. 
Landscapes in the Western National Parks, Lake Tahoe and Hawaii have been the focus for most of his work. He shows a unique understanding of how light effects large panoramas, and has improved his conceptual view of a scene as experience is gained. Eric also remains committed to expanding beyond landscapes.

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